We and many of our acquaintances have worked for the company PERSONAL GROWTH in Bogota, Colombia and it is nothing but bad news. If you come to Colombia to work, please do not do it through this company. They as a company and as people are many bad things such as thieves, liars, cheats, unethical, immoral and scammers and those are just a few of the words that begin to describe them. There have been many people who have been paid months late or needed to contact their embassy to ensure payment.

If you work there, you WILL be screwed over eventually. Usually sooner, rather than later. We are sure this email will get flagged/reported by Personal Growth, but this will not stop this movement for the truth.


There are plenty of other available jobs that you can find in Colombia as a foreigner. If you search the internet for reviews on this company, you may not find many bad reviews on this company, because we know for a fact they pay to have their bad name removed. In addition, when Personal Growth hires you, they hire you to work at a specific location (ex. School, language institute), and this location will pay Personal Growth, say $2,500 USD per month to have you as an employee, and Personal Growth will only pay you about 35-40% of that income. However, when asked about why they were taking the money from some colleagues, the person in charge said, "We only earn $50 off of each employee." He will say it is because they are a nonprofit organization; however, this is just an excuse he uses. If you do the math, you would see that earning $50 a month from each person per month could not keep the business running.

In addition, the international academic director used to make people pay a significant amount of money for their Colombian work visa papers. This is however illegal and I do believe he stopped doing this. He especially did this to people who applied for the positions while still in the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc. because he knew they did not know the local rules and they were vulnerable.

Finally, if you are going to work there ignoring this warning, do know that he often switches up the job position you applied for. There have been people who got the job while in their home country, came to Colombia and the director has said "You do not have a job now." Then soon after the director will find them a different job and in one day you can arrive thinking you will be an English teacher, then an hour later a High School Social studies teacher, then finally arrive at being an Elementary Ethics teacher, even though you know nothing about young children, nor ethics.

Also, be aware they will offer you housing through them, and they will OVERCHARGE substantially. One person we know was charged more than a million pesos per month for a very bad and small apartment, which is over half the price they should have paid!

Oh, and it you have a problem/issue/concern, who will you be able to turn to? You will definitely NOT feel comfortable going to the director, as he is NOTORIUOS for rolling his eyes at you/belittling you/and making you feel very embarrassed when you go and talk to him. He always constantly threatens to take away your work visa and fire you. In addition, he has told many of the employees, “YOU ARE EASILY REPLACED.” He has no tact and is an overall BAD PERSON! There are other very shady people who work in his office as well, and they include the lady in charge of finances and the lady in charge of coordination.

Honestly, we could go on forever about other very dangerous and illegal stories regarding this company, but this is enough. If you do not get the point after reading this, then you will be going into a very bad situation.

In conclusion, all of this tends to happen for a few basic reasons:

1) You are a foreigner and usually do not know the laws

2) They take advantage of the fact that you do not have anyone there to help you and that they are your only source of stability

3) They are 100% out for money, and as the director once told a room full of his employees "You are JUST a number to us."

We hope this warning can help someone.

Location: Westerville, Ohio

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All comments are completely accurate! I see a lot of all old comments here but I can assure you that they still deal with the same scam as they seem to have been doing for years.

I was hired to work at a school through Personal Growth. Both me AND the school itself had big problems working with them. The director and people at Personal Growth are extremely rude. After I'd waited for payment they'd owed me for several months back the school that I worked for actually had to step in and force them to pay!

I was also only given 50% as a salary from what the school paid Personal Growth. I regret every second not doing research regarding the company before starting. These previous comments could actually have helped me out. I am warning everyone...


They will scam and fool you. Simple facts.


I don't understand those complaining about the company getting money from the schools and keeping a percentage as revenue. Don't you people know how agencies work?


Man i heard about this place on youtube..but after seeing the review my wife and i decided not to use Personal Growth..i hope these reviews are accurate.


Everything said in the previous expose is true. I experienced Personal Growth and definitely BEWARE.

Their goal is to make money off of you without any concern for your well being. For this you will pay all the visa costs and transportation costs. I was applying for a specific job that was advertised but of course when I arrived it was filled so they went to place me somewhere else.When I did get a job they took literally 33% of my pay! Mr.

Sigfried was quite elusive in the Skype interview before I arrived.

I do not recommend anyone work with Personal Growth. I have worked for other companies overseas with excellent results but Not Personal Growth in Bogota Columbia


People hired by these scammers are at risk of wasting time and losing money not to mention that the legal system in the country is way too slow compare to other countries, they´ve been stealing people´s money from a few years back, even some of their former workers pressed charges and those idiots are still on the loose deceiving their customers and stealing money from their teachers.


Personal Growth International in Bogota are nothing but scammers!! Unless you want to work for free then go and join them, otherwise STAY AWAY FROM THEM.


Sigfred Castell is the biggest liar and cheat. Not to mention some of their staff members as well.


Hello - Would there be away for us to communicate regarding this company? I was recently hired and would like to learn more before I accept the offer. Many thanks!


Go at your own risk! You will most likely work 6 days a week and Personal Growth will take a huge chunk of your earnings.

Of course they will tell you they only take 10% or less This is not true! I worked there and found out from the school how much they were paying Personal Growth who then pays you. Literally 33% was taken. I worked 6 days a week, lived simply thinking I could save enough money to pay back the flight, visa costs incurred for this ill-fated journey to Columbia.

BEWARE! I have worked overseas for several years and was never treated like this!


Personal Growth International are nothing but a bunch of scammers!!


I agreem with the post. My Advice is RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I worked for this company. They didn't pay me for the hours I worked. They just gave me excuses all the time.






Quisiera saber hombre si por lo menos conoce la compañía, hay que conocer antes de hablar, yo soy Colombiano y doy fe de todos los comentarios que han puesto; ellos no son mas que unos ladrones oportunistas, que se aprovechan de la ingenuidad de los extranjeros y que al no conocer la ley tienen miedo de sus amenazas y no pueden pelear por sus derechos. Esta compañía *** sus practicas mañosas lo único que están buscando es que algún extranjero bien asesorado les meta su demanda. Que triste que compañias como esta dejen tan por debajo el nombre de nuestro país.


Don't work for these people. The negative comments listed in this post about PGI are totally true.

This company is evil and run by unethical liars. They do keep your money and come up with every excuse in the book about why they can't pay you. They are extremely rude and take advantage of people.

The building is a dump and the "bosses" (a term I use very loosely) will threaten you. Be smart people...don't go there.


Let me repeat:

1. Evil?

2. Run by unethical liars?

3. Keep your money?

4. extremely rude?

5. Take advantage of people?

6. Building is a dump?

7. Threaten you?


All these terms sound to me like a revenge:

a. From someone that was fired because of X or Y.

b. From another company that is only trying to put their image to the floor.

As someone mentioned they can track your IP address and find exactly who and where you are.

Anyways, I accepted a job with them and got my working visa through them.

Will keep posted about how it goes...


I have been hired to work at a school in Bogota through Personal Growth. I read your post and it sounds scary, crazy and horrible, but so far everything seems legal and fair to me. I've gotten my visa and exited to start in August.

I will keep posted about my experience, which I know will be different.

I've heard great stories from the teachers they have working there now so... I really don't think all what you posted is true.

They sent me a huge list of teachers and all had nothing but good comments, except from the ones that don't like their experience with long schedules and hyper kids.


It depends there are some teachers that always make the things right so they have good experiences and others that only want more pay and dont´work at all...so that´s why they have bad experiences.


Those that think they are coming to "heaven" and will find calm kids they are completely wrong!

The students I have here are great, although they are hyper and very active, but as teachers we must be prepared to have class management and keep our students engaged.

The schedules at preschools, elementary and high schools are always long, so be prepared for that also.

I enjoy my work here and I don't have any complain about Pgrowth.



I know it's been a long time since you wrote this piece but I was wondering how your experience with PGrowth went?


Ya tenemos las direcciones IP.

Y sabemos quienes son.

La Fiscalia ya esta tras de la pista de estos bandidos! Y no se quedara impune este hecho que afecta el buen nombre de nuestra compania en Colombia.

Gracias por el apoyo de todos los aportantes.


Payaso!! la misma fiscalia los anda buscando por estafadores!!!

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